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Brown eggs or white??

White egg are better for.....and Brown eggs are better for ...... Which egg to use, the white egg or the brown egg or even the blue or green egg? If all of your flock or my flock is fed the same feed, be it free-ranging or bagged feed, then all of the eggs will taste the same regardless of the shell color. Now what will be different is the taste of eggs from one location to another. Which chickens lay white eggs and which chickens lay brown eggs? Below is a short list of some of the more popular breeds.

White Leghorn The Best White Egg Layer!!! Holds record for most eggs in one year 371 eggs were laid by one hen in 364 days.

Blue Andalusians These beautiful blue fowl originated in Andalusia, a province of Spain, but have long been known in England and the United States. They are magnificent to look at with their graceful, stately carriage and delicately blue-laced plumage; and this marks them as an especially fine breed for exhibition. Lays white eggs.

Anconas Famous as layers of good sized white eggs, non-setters, these beautiful chickens have lustrous black plumage with white tips on every few feathers. Lays white eggs.

Buff Minorcas Not to be confused with the Buff Orpington which lays a brown egg, all of the Minorcas these have long, strong bodies well set up on firm muscular legs. The large red combs are very typical and in the hens will fall to one side almost covering one eye. Lays white eggs.

Rose Comb Brown Leghorns These have exactly the same plumage color as the S.C. variety, but instead of the straight blade single combs they have rose combs, which are low, solid, thick, and covered with small rounded points. Lays white eggs.

Red Leghorns This variety is rare and unusual.It looks similar to a Rhode Island Red (RIR) except the ear lobes of the RIR are not white. Imagine a rich, brilliant red plumage color combined with a graceful carriage, sweeping tail, white ear lobes, and yellow shanks and toes. Lays white eggs.

Single Comb Brown Leghorns These are generally recognized as the most colorful of the Leghorn family and like all Leghorns lay white eggs, are nonsetters, have large combs and white ear lobes, and yellow skin, shanks and feet. Brown Leghorns have been improved over the years by the introduction of the world famous Danish strain.

Silver Spangled Hamburgs These are one of the snappiest, most alert breeds on the poultry list. Of rather small size, with light but sweeping, graceful outlines, they are elegant and beautiful. They have a kind of bright cheerfulness about them when foraging over open range and they love this kind of situation. Lays white eggs.

Black Minorcas In 1917, the first time he made an exhibit at the Iowa State Fair, he won a blue ribbon on his prize Black Minorca cockerel, and it gave him a thrill he never got over.The hens lay white eggs.

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