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What is a crookneck chicken?

Wry Neck, or Crook Neck as it's sometimes called, is an unfortunate SYMPTOM in chickens that causes their necks to become twisted. Often times they start with the appearance of a "crook" or a hook shape in their neck, hence the name. It can then advance to them tucking their heads to the point it is actually between their legs. At that point, they often back up and tumble over.

The causes of wry neck vary. Remember, it's not a disease in itself, but rather a symptom/condition that occurs due to an injury, deficiency, disease, or toxin.

If treated early, most chickens will recover. We gave this chick vitamin E and hand-fed her for a week.

She was put back with the flock after the treatment and now she can not be picked out of the crowd!!!


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